Depression is…

Depression is..

Using all your energy to shower

A sink full of dishes

Making up excuses to stay home

Feeling worthless

Crawling in bed at 4:00 p.m.

Forgetting all your favorite things

Putting on make-up to cover puffy eyes

Depression is…

Being “overly sensitive”

Putting your phone on airplane mode

For three days

Being lonely while you isolate yourself

Crying for no reason

A messy house

Depression is….

Putting off responsibilities

Calling into work

The kind of tired sleep won’t fix

Fear of being alone with your thoughts

Negative thoughts on repeat

Complete exhaustion

Depression is…


Cowering in the face of conflict

Wanting to fall asleep and never wake up

Not being able to go to the grocery store

Wishing you were someone else

Depression is an illness

If I could “will” myself out of it, I would

One load of laundry feels like climbing Mt. Everest

If I had a cold, they would bring me soup

If I had a broken arm, they would line up to sign my cast

The moment you say, “mental illness,”

The people get quiet,

Nervously shuffle

Find the nearest exit.

There is no magic pill

There is no amount of therapy

There is no one thing I can do to be cured.

But with help and self-care,

Depression can be…

Knowing my limits

Forgiving myself

Friends becoming family

A disease instead of an identity

Acceptance of where I am

A purging of toxic relationships

Finding my tribe

A reason to love myself a little harder

To hold on a little longer

To breathe a little deeper

And to live in the moment

This moment right now.

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